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VoiceOf_aRt [almost]

We are almost on the beginning of our new youth exchange connected with art. We named this exchange as Voice of Art and is something like updated version of our first project with art since I'm volunteer in Together – Power of Art.

The web page for this exchange is already done and as it writes in the info there we will host 30 participants from 6 countries interested in developing their art skills.

We've plan few concrete workshops connected with the modern or contemporary influence in the art today and as part of this exchange we'll have the participants divided in 3 workshops. Mostly the people will have the free will and the idea of mixing those parts of the art in their pieces but mainly the ways of expressions will be trough:

  • street art

  • conceptual or installation art

  • video & multi media

In all this workshops the participants will have the opportunity to learn something more about this fields and also to create art pieces that in this or that way will be connected with this brunces of the contemporary art era.

We choose Voice of art because during all this art workshops there will be breeze (message) about solidarity. We'll try to input in the topic influence of the solidarity as one of the main engines of the democratic society.

As this project is part of the Youth in Action program we organized our time also for activities as discussions on different topics important for every young person as hopes, fears, future plans/ projects, simulation games, and also cultural events where all the countries participants will present their countries on some unique way.

More about the project sO.On :)

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