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Graf activite'

I just saw some of the photos from one activity that I made during the summer with some of the teenagers from the group that was attending the summer program in the Association Jacques Prevert.

Nice day fulfilled with fun and colors. We had only one piece of material on which I can show them the main idea of graffiti. Some of them were pretty interested in participating and they didn't even wait to explain till the end my idea about what we should paint.
We all decide that in the center we need to draw the short cut of the name of the association were we do the activity and it was easy for Us to put the letters AJP on the material almost with the same design as the logo.
After we had the letter they start with their fantasy and creativity and after while we already had all the space around the letter colored with amazing stories.

On the end the result was amazing and I'll remember the smiles on their faces after they figure out that they made nice graffiti.

It was absolutely right that we'll make a lot of pictures around the graffiti and now this piece of art is part of the office for animators.
It was nice experience for me to lead this graf activite' and try to inspire the participants to continue with drawing, painting or whatever connected with art.


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