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Foix, the mid term course

It's second day of my mid-term course connect with my EVS here in France. I arrived after more then 12 hours traveling from the North (Мetz) to attend program that will show to me better and more concrete things about my work as a volunteer, about my opportunities connected with my project and also to meet some of the other European Volunteers that I met on my on-arrival training.

Yesterday morning it was funny when I saw the Turkish and the Russian volunteers waiting in a front of the „foyer“ because it was locked, and it was 06:00 am.

After the coffee and the croissant in the city, the door was finally open and we went in our rooms. I was positively surprised when I saw that I'll be room mate with Davide, Italian volunteer that choose to go in South of France (Bordo) for his EVS.

When we went to start our activities in the big room we figure out that we are not alone. We're together with some newbies that I see for first time and obviously also volunteers like me. After the introduction of the organizer of the mid term Stella, we understood that part of the participants are here with Us for their on arrival training.

Everything start very good, the activities, the working groups, the reflection about our work, the place where we live, the people that we work with etc.
In the evening we attend class for traditional French dances and the local people from here were very happy to show us all those different steps in the dancing. We taste wine rose, usually produced in this region and also some of the food that the people prepare here.

Today we start in divided group, the newbies (on arrivals) have the activities that I had in May and we concentrate on our work more in details. We speak about the key competences and we need to make short brain storm about all the things that happens to Us since we come in France.
The key competences are very important about explaining the special levels in our work, connected with the developing of the new skills that we have opportunities to learn here.

Time for a break, I mean pause with coffee au lait!


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