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..that will be part of my day life, some of the activities in which I take part, the part.s of the puzzle that make the paint.INg OF my Life!

_breast cancer :S

Well I don’t know a lot, actually I don’t know at all. I know that I have some relatives that are fighting against this cancer and I know trough what kind of process they are passing.

I will write a bit for this cancer cause I’m familiar with the campaign that is global famous this last two years. Last year on the facebook status of our girl friends we start reading colors. There was nothing more then the color. On the end we find out that is actually the color of their bra and with this they are trying to build bigger awareness between the people about this Big PRoblem avec cancer.

This year again from the same girls, friends on facebook we start reading “”I like it on…” It is one more time great idea. This time the idea was more open and in the beginning the people start thinking that they become very open with the world and start sharing with us the places were they like to do the sexual act.

After a while they show to the world that the message/ information is not about that but about: "where they put their bag after they come from school/ work/ walk…" Amazing idea again, they catch the audience in the first day and after that was world famous that is the same campaign about awareness about breast cancer.

I didn’t have a plan to write for this but after I met one person that made a photos from the commercial in Thionville on the clock tower in the center I decide to ask for the photo and write this what you read.

thank you @Pierre Feisthauer for d photo

If you met me till now you already know that I’m supporter of different campaigns for raising up the global awareness.


The other part of the story will be connect with this lovely sign, cancer. I don’t like it at all I’m scorpion and I would love to make it disappear at least in the form world famous as killing machine.

My father pass away from the same fucking shit and there is no end of this. For the aids we were speaking OK, is virus, is easy to catch it if you’re junkie, alcoholic, prostitute or worst but this, this have no limits.

He don’t choose age, nationality, religion and traditions in living it can eat everyone..

I don’t want to speak about it anymore, neither for the main one, neither for the one that we try to spread the word for this month.

..just sad emotions for the people who fight with and wish for them to have the will to stand against it and try all the human resources for destroying it.


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