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FJT expo

One of the things that Mara (the exTogether volunteer) from Swiss made with the little help of me, was organizing small exhibitions of photography in the place where we live. Frontieres des jeunes travaillers or also famous as FJT host in their entrance 10 big prints of photos made by the members of Together representing the diversity of the colors in the country flags. With this play of the colors and the combination between them the people who live in FJT had the opportunity to see some of the youth work that our organisation is doing but also to learn more about the countries part of EU and also bit about their basic information, culture, tradition.

The exhibition was on of the tasks that Mara should do as connection between Together the organisation responsible for her EVS and FJT the institution that host her for her voluntary service. The program manager in FJT was great also and help with the work. :)
Like all the exhibition was pretty well accepted from the people here, they were interesting in the countries that we present and also in the program that we use.

Very soon we'll make some other form of promoting Together in the building that I live, especially now when Mara EVS is finish and here is the new girl from Lithuania, Monika that is also full with ideas about animating the habit-ants of our building. She already made a small presentation of her country in the same place open for different promoting stuff.
The next step is trying to do something more creative in which the young people from our building will have direct contact with the creative things that we do in Together.


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