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..that will be part of my day life, some of the activities in which I take part, the part.s of the puzzle that make the paint.INg OF my Life!

Des tableaux abstraits, une bonne action concrète :[nice news]


Top news that I receive last week is that there was article in the newspaper 'Le Républicain Lorrain' ~ 'Des tableaux abstraits, une bonne action concrète' _ about d creative workshop that I've done with the teenage group there, few days before I come back in Macedonia.

It was mention in the paper because we've done amazing works that should be shown & auctioned to benefit the association Thionville-Gao. I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to work/ spent my time with this creative young stars in the association Jacques Prévert and quide them trough the process of creating abstract works of art that esthetically look different and share with the audience different mood, styles, emotions. .. I've done/ repeat d same workshop with d boys and with the girls group. some pictures and info about the results from the boys group I wrote about in d article before & I can say the same about the activity with the girls, especially that was supported by more people and there were interest in between some of the trainers and other workers from the association.

"very positive atmosphere during the whole process and amazing photo-finish.."

this is the whole article that is published in the hard copy version of the 'Le Républicain Lorrain' newspaper'.

La découverte de l’art abstrait, au centre Jacques-Prévert, débouchera sur une action très concrète: la semaine prochaine, les toiles des jeunes seront vendues aux enchères au profit de l’association Thionville-Gao.

Elles s’appellent Anissa, Anissa, Anissa et… Célia. Malgré le soleil de ces premières journées printanières, elles ont choisi de passer leur après-midi au centre Jacques-Prévert. Pour profiter des activités proposées et pourquoi pas, en faire profiter les autres. Il y a quelques semaines, avec treize de leurs camarades garçons et filles, elles se sont frottées à l’art abstrait. Deux heures pour réaliser une toile sous la direction de Midko, un volontaire européen d’origine macédonienne, expert en peinture et arts plastiques.

« On était un peu perdues au début, l’abstrait ça n’évoquait rien pour moi, ou plutôt n’importe quoi. Midko nous a dit de nous lâcher, de ne pas trop réfléchir, et c’est venu naturellement », explique l’une des Anissa. Les filles ont vite laissé aller leurs pinceaux, les garçons, ont eu plus de mal. Leurs premiers essais représentaient tous quelque chose : une voiture, une personne, le centre social…

Résultat bluffant

« Les ados ne sont pas forcément familiarisés à l’art abstrait mais ils se sont tous prêtés au jeu et y ont trouvé un formidable espace d’expression. Ils étaient concentrés, appliqués comme rarement. Il y avait une telle émulation que le directeur et certains animateurs du centre sont même venus participer à l’atelier et réaliser un tableau. Cela restera parmi mes meilleurs souvenirs », témoigne Eugénie, animatrice.

Le résultat est si bluffant que l’équipe envisage de garder les tableaux pour décorer le centre. Mais rapidement une autre idée germe : les mettre aux enchères pour une bonne cause. « Les jeunes auraient pu repartir chez eux avec leurs toiles mais ils ont tout de suite accepté d’en faire don pour qu’elles soient vendues au profit de l’association Thionville-Gao et des écoles maliennes. C’est un geste généreux et l’occasion de démontrer au grand public qu’ils ont du talent », reprend Eugénie.

Vendredi 15 avril à 18h, les œuvres des dix-sept artistes d’un jour seront exposées au centre Jacques-Prévert et cédées aux plus offrants… avis aux amateurs.

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:hope to have opportunity to create with this youngsters again in future ~ . .. & not lazy for doin' translations from French to English, so the pips who don't know d language be able to understand too. but, don't worry is a good info, if ur not sure don't check google translator :D

aTelier pOur l'arT aBstrait eT la peinTure d'acTi.on


I had idea to ask d teenage members of AJP if they want to do a painting workshop with me. Since we made one documentary movie we decide this time to make some contemporary medium that is not so difficult and we don't need a lot of time for the result. (because they want to play their PS3, chat with their friends on their portables etc..)

., I propose them if they want to try action painting and abstract art on which they react positive and were pretty open to try. After we buy the materials and prepare them for painting, the day when we decide to make the workshop I rearrange the room to looks like atelier.
I gave them some white big paper-boards to try what they want to paint and show them in short presentation some famous painters and works in this techniques.

As I say we didn't need a lot of time to made our works, but as the animators and the other workers in AJP said they were for first time so into some activity. We were doing our arty stuff around two hours or something more, for everyone of us this time was like one second. They all made unique and different pieces, and were grateful that took part of it.

Me, even that I show them some directions in how to create and realize their ideas I was also participant and happy that being part of it as whole. Thankful to the participants and AJP that support this activity.

The works will be exposed on fair in Metz and on d walls in AJP, actually _sold for charity for African kiDs :))

_d English claSs


On this blog till now I haven't mention about long life learning and the moment that I respect a lot the people who decide to continue with their educative process in one different bit non-formal way of learning during their adult age.

In the 'association Jacques Prevert' one of the things that you can find in their program is the English class that's open for all d people who want to learn. Madame Mireille Oudart, the teacher invite me last week to make small presentation for the „students“ from the adult group. I accept the invitation and start thinking what should I speak about.. didn't think a lot and decide to make only a small introducing and with interactive conversation to make them asking me what are they interested about.

In the beginning we speak about art, literature, youth work etc.. they were pretty good in their level of understanding English. After that we spoke about the part of Europe that is not so famous, my country and the Balkan as whole. Interested in the topic they start asking questions that were surprising for me.. some of them already know some version of the history, Yugoslavia, the wars... I try to change their way of seeing the things explaining them that most of the think that they know come from the medias and the media as it is in the moment is not the right, real information about how really is. I told them that our countryside is very beautiful, there are plenty of different, unique traditions, cultures that live all together, in atmosphere that is much warmer then the one that you can find here. We had time to mention about the 100% natural food that we produce and consume, where we mention the moment that the standards are not good and the people are still not educated/ informed to make serious international exports etc.. I explain them that the life on the Balkans is slower and more easy going, what is maybe the main reason that there are not big changes in any aspects..

..they ask about the music, the prizes of the real estate, the opportunity for the youth generation, about the tourism, in a way pretty interesting, unexpected intro for the region that as big picture I think I present in positive way, because I think that looking bright on the things is the only think that is left and absolutely even more action :)

Appreciation for madame Mireille Oudart, professeur d'Anglais et Relaxation that invite me to be part of her class, brought great change in her teaching and get closer her students to one person that besides few languages, speaks English too. :)

"Instants de Chine"


In the Espace d'art, Centre culturel Jacques Brel in Thionvile, I had opportunity to visit amazing photography exhibition "Instants de Chine" made from photographer that comes from Marseille.

Amazing photos and moments from his tour in China. Half and hour and more enjoying part of his memories from there and the pleasure to meet him in personal is the reason that I mention his expo in my e-diary.

Serge Assier is perfect person with wonderful humor and a lot of history that he share in the daily communication with the people that he met. I met him in the center when I went to visit the expo, he was sitting in the coffee bar early in the morning and after I introduce myself he explain me in short about his life and the experience that he gained during this years working as a professional photographer.

Like bio on his web site you can find a lot, I crop this part that will illustrate at least litlle part from his story:

Photographie : ©Serge Assier

Born on 1st July 1946 in Cavaillon (Vaucluse), France.
Taught himself photography. Lives and works in Marseilles (France).
Jean Roque Award 2000 : Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Marseilles, Tuesday 28
November 2000, Fine Arts class. Protactor Georges Bergoin.
Entry in the Who’s Who In France, 35th edition 2003-2004 – 50th anniversary of Who’s Who
In France

At age 14, I start my path in life as a shepherd.
At age 16, I become an apprentice in an auto mechanic’s workshop.
At age 21, I drive a taxi at night and take photographs during the day for my own pleasure.
At age 28, I am photographer reporter for the agency Gamma, Le Provençal, VSD and I have
twelve other commitments.
At age 32, photographic reporter at the newspaper Le Provençal, which later became La
Provence. Today, pensioner of the newspaper La Provence in Marseille.

As I have strong passions for the picture, I feel best when there is an urgency, a social event
or some extraordinary fact. During twenty years, I have also worked for the show business,
especially the Cannes Festival.

My ambition is to leave traces by my looking at things only. Until now, I have created 19
photo exhibitions. This means working profoundly on the sensitivity, the emotions and the
austerity of human beings, no matter what their race, religion, hometown or country is.
I also work on the dream and the purely imaginative with photographic poetry, female nudes
in strange places where dreams become reality. I have been very fortunate to cooperate with
poets, writers, academics, journalists, art critics and many others who share my passion for

Friends without whom I would not be here today.

.. 'bout d expo "Moments of China", 54 photographs

exploring China and its villages, Serge Assier has captured the soul of its inhabitants. Living inside their society he patiently observe his surroundings, the places far away from the city, some schoolgirl laughing, kids playing on the streets, some local events, etc. Nothing seems to disturb the balance and serenity that come from these pictures taken soberly in black and white as to support the humility of this people.

The people accept this exhibition as a “photographic poem” - “moment of China”

you can see all the pics from this expo HERE

_haPPy expO°_GTC


It was actually group exhibition but I've made pics only from this painter. I don't know why I choose her, but probably because of the style that she promote.
There was also photography, some installations and some other modern shit :))

about her:
Carine Mougin is painter that create acrylic paintings in various formats for all ages. .. most of them fulfill with childish vibe and imagination. style that produce happiness and smile on ur face :D

..she is most of the time commercial painter, that is not very expensive, but in general she's unique, funny and the characters that she draw are happy and like part of our imagination. Inspiring smiles and messages that are playing with our thoughts, perfect combination of the colors, ambient that was reflecting positive vibe in the space of the gallery. She is amazing illustrator that is ready to create some world of fantasy. We'll be here to enjoy it!

Check some pics here or if u want u can check my fb album with the paintings that were exposed in Galerie des Galeries in the mall in Metz. ..otherwise u can check her web page.

Expositon/ Vente des Métiers d'art


One more finding in my city. Going in the center to buy tobacco this time was visiting of small art fair I didn't know about.

Local presentation of around 10 artists or studios that create hand made jewelery, fashion details, ceramics, different small art pieces for home etc. There where few stands wеre I saw really nice pieces of art. Some art made from glass using the fusing process of working with glass and some other classical styles of working with ceramics. Very high fashioned designs of heads for girls, some wooden sculptures of mushrooms, clocks and other forms..

short visit, short article. But it worth to be mention since I've tried to create similar peaces of art like the ceramic, the fusing glass works etc.

Officially named as:
Expositon/ Vente des Métiers d'art

Probably one of the last exhibitions for this year open for all people who want to buy art like Christmas or New Year present for the people they love. The stuff were not pretty expensive, most of them even cheap for the standard that the people have here.

[post written before new year]

colDmar d story


Colmar was magnificent story. When I said yes I want to come with the group I had no idea where will we I go.
The next day after 3 hours traveling we arrive and the first impression was, OK, normal not very big city, classical architecture, probably with nice center etc.

Few minutes after we were already in the the story of my mind stop and start the story of my eyes. Amazing decoration for Christmas, every single house in the center was extra decorated and give impression like this is Santa village. Everything in Noel mood, people with cameras on every step. That day I think that everyone who was in Colmar was photographer that is trying to make his master piece.

The restaurants and the bars with classical new year music, people with red heads sell their unique souvenirs also as the galleries and the museums that were wide open during the holidays. With tea in plastic glasses with and frozen ears the exploration of the city was even more interesting and exiting. You can easily say that Colmar is actually ColD.mar but really is like this.

The city is with all that new year magic with lights, lamps and stuff but also with the minus temperature in this time of the year. The houses with private fairs were perfect place to get warm and also enjoy some works as old books, paintings, drawings..some hand-made dolls, sculptures, mirrors, post cards with the best places in the city etc

I wrote this after I come back home..
the magic of the holidays here's like in d ads for coca-cola. d streets vibrate with their positive energy. each atom radiates with excitement, winter tremble and desires. jingle bells here sounds original. .. on d faces fulfillment , in d smiles warmth that creates love in the air. night' feels the smell of the stars. as the story began here.

_for the end of this post I'll mention that I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to visit this ville that's why I publish this text even that it was before new year .. :)

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