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MultiMedia @ VoiceOfaRt

On the multimedia workshop @ Voice of art the participants had opportunity to learn more about the process of creating a video. From writing the scrip, recording the material and the editing process that comes on the end. The [multimedia] workshop was leaded by Agnieszka Piatczak, Poland and Ramses The Lonelywarrior, France.

They choose to show stereotypes about some of the countries in Europe that were taking part in this YE, so they decide to use the stereotype about the love and the breath (baguette) for France, drinking coffee as stereotype for Turkey, the green salad for Macedonia, the music of Shopin as stereotype for Poland etc.
In one of the scenes there is the circling around the trees that as metaphor for me means a lot..and also the universal circle from all of the participants that shows the Solidarity that connect all the nations. I really like the moment with the pronunciations of Solidarity on different languages, is so similar, almost the bad that I didn't have time to make the shooting for the Macedonian version „Солидарност“, but let it be for some other time.

In very short time, like 24 hours at all, more or less for 3 days the team from this workshop made great video. Congrats for them! The solidarity as Voice of Art. We really made master pieces on this exchange.

Enjoy the video :)

the union between many ideas and concepts from different nationalities to achieve something together.

L'union entre plusieur idées et concepts de differentes nationalitées dans le but de réaliser quelque chose ensemble.


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