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..that will be part of my day life, some of the activities in which I take part, the part.s of the puzzle that make the paint.INg OF my Life!

PR.omoting sheets :)

The association Jacques Prevert as part of their autumn program have to organize some events for the local citizens and the parents that send their kids in this association for the off line school program. Except that the association works with kids and teenagers they have special sector in which they care about babes also.

They propose me to draw some things that will be a bit similar to the posters that they design for the events but also to be bit artistic and with childish influence. I like the process of paining and for me it was a pleasure to draw something for this target group. You can see the results here and I wait for pics from the events too. I want to see how this two sheets fit in the space where they made the events. Hope that they put them on the right place. :))


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