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what is "Youth in Action" programme?

Youth in Action is the EU Programme for young people aged 15-28 (in some cases 13-30). It aims to inspire a sense of active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future.

Youth in Action is a programme for all! It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background.

Youth in Action is the successor of the YOUTH Programme (2000-2006). Building on the experience of the previous programmes for youth, Youth in Action is the result of a large consultation with the different stakeholders in the youth field and aims to respond to the evolutions and needs of young people at European level.
With a total budget of 885 million Euros for seven years (2007-2013), the Programme supports a large variety of activities for young people and youth workers through five Actions.

Youth in Action in figures

• Duration: 2007-2013

• Budget: 885 million euros for seven years

• Geographic reach: EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, the EU neighbours (Eastern Europe and Caucasus, the Mediterranean region, South-East Europe) and other partner countries in the world

• Age brackets: 15-28 (in some cases 13-30)

Programme Actions

The Youth in Action Programme aims to achieve the following general objectives:

  • promote young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular;
  • develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union;
  • foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries;
  • contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field;
  • promote European cooperation in the youth field.

To this end, the Programme is structured around 5 Actions:

Action 1 - Youth for Europe

Encourages young people's active citizenship, participation and creativity through youth exchanges, youth initiatives and youth democracy projects.

Action 2 - European Voluntary Service

Helps young people to develop their sense of solidarity by participating, either individually or in group, in non-profit, unpaid voluntary activities abroad.

Action 3 - Youth in the World

Promotes partnerships and exchanges among young people and youth organisations across the world.

Action 4 - Youth Support Systems

Includes various measures to support youth workers and youth organisations and improve the quality of their activities.

Action 5 - Support for European Co-operation in the Youth field

supports youth policy co-operation at European level, in particular by facilitating dialogue between young people and policy makers.

Programme priorities

The Youth in Action programme has four permanent priorities and additional annual priorities which potential projects will have to be aware of as they frame their bids for support:

European Citizenship: A key goal of the programme is to raise awareness in young people that they are citizens of Europe, as well as citizens of their own countries. The aim is to get youth actively involved in shaping the future of the European Union. Projects will have to show a strong European dimension if they are to receive programme backing.

Participation of young people: Youth in Action promotes and supports young people’s involvement in democratic life, spurring them on to be active citizens who care about their communities and understand the value of representative democracy.

Cultural diversity: Respect for people’s cultural origins is at the heart of the Youth in Action programme, as is the desire to fight against racism and xenophobia – forces that undermine European values and people’s solidarity.

Inclusion: The focus is on ensuring that young people with fewer opportunities get access to the Youth in Action programme, as well as on encouraging projects with a thematic focus on inclusion.

Annual priorities: In addition to these permanent priorities, each year the focus is also placed on specific annual priorities.

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Programme guide of the Youth in Action programme -

Official website of the Youth in Action programme -

(Source: European Commission Youth website -


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