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I’ll write only a bit for this. I found this exhibition ten minutes after my arriving in Lecce, Italy. After the first street from the train station that lead to the center of Lecce, in one of the small and tiny streets I found one big garden. The track with the sound equipment and the workers were making a stage for one of the concerts that should be part of the “white night” event in Lecce that day.
There was big billboard on one of the walls on which with big letters was written Caravaggio?
One of the things that are familiar for me is that I don’t want to miss some exhibition if I already pass trough some gallery, exhibition space or museum. The moments when I’m able to visit some exhibition for me are presents.

I just invite the other people from the group to enter inside just for a few minutes and to have the pleasure to enjoy the originals from this world famous artist.
The space were the art pieces were exposed was ex church. There were still ornaments and some parts of the church that are protected, but most of the space was open for the public and plus we had the works of this artist.
His art pieces were shown in few lighted rooms but there were also some dark rooms where the audience was able to watch documentaries connected with the life and the work of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Three pieces were exposed in the center of the church. Around them there were materials for restoration. The loop was zooming in one part of the painting were the different shapes of the brown were difficult to be defined. We were able to see the process of protecting this art work.

The art works of Caravaggio are magical. They bring with themselves the power of that time in which they are created. In the church there was special, unusual energy that was coming out of this art pieces. The people with tranquility and peaceful look were analyzing with hours every single centimeter from His works.
Strong moves of his characters, powerful looks, in Caravaggio works it was not difficult to define the power of one signature.

We didn’t have enough time to watch the doc. Movies. To bad that the organizers of this exhibition didn’t left some promo material about the works of Caravaggio, the names of the paintings, the years when they are made, and the years when they pass trough restoration process. There was also not information about the names of the documentaries that were projected and the authors/ directors of the movies. ..

Fascinated from the idea that we find out about this exhibition we continue exploring other interesting locations and places in this old city with very beautiful architecture.


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