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_my EUr.opean Diary

One of the volunteers from Poland that is doing her EVS stay in Together as me told me about this contest few days ago. In the beginning I was not very interested because the things that were shared on the wall for the contest were not so inspiring for me to put the link of my blog. I mean in technical way: videos without any production at all, private photos that are not artistic and some blogs that are already ready made. ..

After a while I check the info for the contest better and decide that will be even interesting to write a bit about this contest and the idea of my blog/ diary. The idea about this contest in general is amazing, I would really like to see and read about the stories of the other young people from Europe who are doing their private or professional trips/ stays in Europe. As Macedonian for me this program of the European Commission open the doors of Europe for first time in my life and all the things that are happening to me in the moment are pretty new and I’m happy that I had the opportunity to come in France and do my EVS in Together.

In basic the idea of my blog is to write everything what is connected with my EVS stay in Together, France. I firstly start writing about the youth exchanges, training courses and other PR.ojects that our Association is organizing but as the time was passing I start writing about all the other things that happened to me here, in Europe.
I already wrote about some of the exhibitions that I visit, the theater shows that I attend about different designs that I’ve done for the needs of my organization etc.

In the period I’m here I start doing hours work for one other association in the city where I live. So I made few posts about the activities that I made in the association for kids and youth “Jacques Prévert”.

In my blog you can find also posts about my trips in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Swiss and around France. All at all stuff connected with youth work, youth development, culture and art. The topics that I consider as important for my future development as person.

Enjoy reading! :)

*I really like and support the idea for this contest Youth on the Move [an initiative of the European Union]


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