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Assoiffes, theater play

The theater play that I attend was pretty good actually. Assoiffes' is a nice show written by Wajdi Mouawad and edited and directed by Benoît Vermeulen.

On the stage we saw 2 actors Marie-Eve Huot and Benoît Landrythat with special skills for singing, playing music, physical theater and classical acting.
Ambient music composed and played from the main actors on experimental, (looks like) hand made instrument, with few drums and easy electronic samples was waiting for the audience to enter and sit on their places.

In the beginning when I saw the big screen like part of their scene design, the music in the background I thought it would be more performance or experimental theater then classical theater supported by the other contemporary forms.

Very soon the first start and the first dialog put us in the story. With the level of french that I know even hard to understand everything I catch the idea of the intro. Modern story, nowadays character living his „normal day life“ and secret part, alter ego connected with historycal character. Day freak in the regular life, musican, thinker..that goes very often deep inside his crazynest. Forensic antropologist reveals a strange discovery that changed his life and his beliefs. Throughout the history of Murdoch Norwegian teenager who can not stop talking, a person afflicted with a transparent vulnerability. He guides as trough the similarity of this guy and look into his own adolescence which resurfaces the ghost of a dream abandoned.

* Press

"Hungry or Assoiffes is one of those essential products that is not coming out unscathed, a kind of grand masterpiece. Why a great vintage? Because we will not soon forget the strong cry that it hears. Because Murdoch, the young rebellious teen, is one of the finest theatrical characters ever seen here. Because the staging of Benoît Vermeulen is stunning [...]. Because the staging of Raymond Marius Boucher is exceptional and that the whole talking to teens in a language that is their and comes to look into what is the revolt." Michel Bélair, Le Devoir, November 21, 2006.

A theater show in a French Quebec style, full of vitality. There is that invisible line between this two stories that are mixed in one..the story of two young mummified bodies found in the St. Lawrence and also the story of two teenagers Murdoch and Norway: in one way when they decides to tell everything or stopping to talk and more adults return to the absurdity of their behavior, the other hidden and silent, locked in their room.

Hmm, et voila, s'est tout. :D


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