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In d house with @Quatuor Ebène

In the beginning I didn't know what kind of concert I will attend. I was thinking that will be classical music, then they told me that will be jazz or classical on the end it was unique misuque played by the famous Quatuor Ebène. Chamber space and chamber music. Theater in my mind. :)

I was thinking that I'll listen classical music and on the end I was listening adapted versions of famous artists and songs. They start the concert with footprints by Wayne Shorter and in their repertoire we hear: C. Chaplin, Eden Ahbez, Nicolas Roubanis, Brad Mehldau and Jevetta Steel.
I will mention somewhere between the perfect interpretation of Beatles that made our mood even more deep into the stye of sound that they create. The composition Nothing Personal form Miles Davis was the best ever that I listen live [maybe the only one, who knows :P]. The Libertango from Astor Piazzola and the last from the list, David Holmes 7-29-04 the Day Of, part from B.O. Ocean's Twelve were amazing. They change the atmosphere in the audience, on the end most of the public was supporting and follow them with applause. That was not enough for the audience to return them 2/ 3 times on bis :)

about the band:

"A classical string quartet that can easily be transformed into a jazz band" New York Times

Amazed, the critic describes how the four musicians played Haydn and Debussy first then move on after the break, their arrangement of music from the movie "Pulp Fiction" an improvisation on "Spain" by Chick Corea, and finally, recalling, by revealing the voice of a great a Capella quartet.

“Sie spielen, als ob sie eine fünfte Person wurden.” [The quartet plays as though there was a fifth person.] Ensemble- Magazin für Kammermusik, June, 2oo7

  • Pierre Colombet, violin
  • Gabriel Le Magadure, violin
  • Mathieu Herzog, viola
  • Raphaël Merlin, cello

"In everything we always wanted to do in music, there was deep within us during these hours spent in repeating Haydn, Beethoven and Bartok, a hidden dream to improvise and create a new way of seeing the quartet String.

Accompanied by drummer Richard Hery and our sound engineer Fabrice Planchat we now offer an entire program with different pieces and improvisations on the theme of jazz, film music and pop. "

Quatuor Ebène has studied extensively with the Ysäye Quartet, with Gábor Takács, and with Eberhard Feltz and György Kurtág. The Ebènes won in 2004 the ARD international competition in Munich and the Forberg-Schneider Foundation’s Belmont Prize in 2005. In 2007/2008, the quartet was invited into the most prestigious venues in Europe, Japan and the United States, they are among other products in the Vienna Musikverein, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Berlin Philharmonic and Carnegie Hall in New York in 2009 and participated in a cycle of Haydn's Wigmore Hall in London, with the Hagen Quartet, Emerson and Arcanto. In the beggining of 2009 they start their collaboration with Virgin Classics and since then they do their world famous tours and win the most important music awards.

I record the full song from Miles Davis, hope u like the recording :)

It start being to hard to catch all of the things/ events that are part of the cultural program for autumn/ winter season in the region Lorraine. There are still few more exhibitions that follow and yes trying to catch this pips in future. They have their own style, the night before they had a concert in a front of more then 1500 people, the songs that they play are familiar to the contemporary world and they are interactive with the audience. Friendly as the music they play.

You can check more about them on their official page or follow them on facebook


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