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Freeze ton Pompidou [flash-mob performance]

This is one of the few things that I attend during my stay here and I haven't still write anything. The flash-mob performance 'Freeze' happen in Metz while after the opening of the center Pompidou. The idea about this performance come from the Municipality of Metz, actually from Mr.Tomas Scuderi who invite the prim dancer from the national opera and ballet from Paris, Vincent Chaillet to lead this freeze/ performance/ flash-mob.

It start in a front of the train station in Metz - one of the central points in the city and it was planned to finish in a front of Pompidou. Separated program in 3 steps, the first warm up freeze in a front of the train station, the walk together (all in white t-shirts) using the special road made from the station to the center Pompidou and in a front of the center the ballet dancer is waiting for the crowd in frozen pose.
The municipality was expecting to see around 1000 people from the city involved in this flash-mob but on the end there were maybe around 100 people.

In basic I didn't catch the main idea for this flash-mob, it was confusing, the direction, the steps, the orders..on the end I decide to be passive observer and try to analyze the moves, the dance and the forms that the participants were doing leaded by this guy. The experimental sound start and the people try to bring wind of creativity, acting birds, animals, some physical theater moves that like choreography was nice but like whole still (for me)..even after long time, I'm still looking for the connection of the idea and the realization.

Named freeze' even that we were not frozen in one moment, pretty contemporary,a? You can check the video, anyway it was good experience. Mix of meditation trough the nature, the beginning, the learning how to fly (live) and good experimental sound. I like the music a lot.


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