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..that will be part of my day life, some of the activities in which I take part, the part.s of the puzzle that make the paint.INg OF my Life!

colDmar d story

Colmar was magnificent story. When I said yes I want to come with the group I had no idea where will we I go.
The next day after 3 hours traveling we arrive and the first impression was, OK, normal not very big city, classical architecture, probably with nice center etc.

Few minutes after we were already in the the story of my mind stop and start the story of my eyes. Amazing decoration for Christmas, every single house in the center was extra decorated and give impression like this is Santa village. Everything in Noel mood, people with cameras on every step. That day I think that everyone who was in Colmar was photographer that is trying to make his master piece.

The restaurants and the bars with classical new year music, people with red heads sell their unique souvenirs also as the galleries and the museums that were wide open during the holidays. With tea in plastic glasses with and frozen ears the exploration of the city was even more interesting and exiting. You can easily say that Colmar is actually ColD.mar but really is like this.

The city is with all that new year magic with lights, lamps and stuff but also with the minus temperature in this time of the year. The houses with private fairs were perfect place to get warm and also enjoy some works as old books, paintings, drawings..some hand-made dolls, sculptures, mirrors, post cards with the best places in the city etc

I wrote this after I come back home..
the magic of the holidays here's like in d ads for coca-cola. d streets vibrate with their positive energy. each atom radiates with excitement, winter tremble and desires. jingle bells here sounds original. .. on d faces fulfillment , in d smiles warmth that creates love in the air. night' feels the smell of the stars. as the story began here.

_for the end of this post I'll mention that I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to visit this ville that's why I publish this text even that it was before new year .. :)


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