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11ème Prix International « Charlemagne » de Thionville

Doing my regular Sunday or weekend walk around the center of the city, in the park and also by the river, I found about one photo exhibition where were exposed works from the International Federation of Photographic Art.

Exhibition of the 11eme Prix International 'Charlemagne' de Photographie de Thionville – 2010 where from the Jury where selected photographers from six countries: Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia and France. Maybe more then half of the works in my eyes were masterpieces like the photography by Gennaro Taddei 'Rencontre de l' HEPHEMERE' , 'Cross' by Vasily Peremezhko, Alexandre Parrot with 'Souvenirs d'Elle' but like all the set of photography there is just perfect. Amazing works also from Guy-Henri Vanden Eynde, Ole Suszkiewicz, Nikola Esposito, Marko Cohen, Pierre Pedelmas and Jacques Vanneuville.

the official info for this expo is ~ From 09/10/2010 to 14/11/2010 there's the Photography biennial in Thionville. Since 1989, the Prix International Charlemagne became a popular appointment for photographers, amateurs and professionals. The theme for this edition is "Dating". Participants were asked to provide a series of photography 8-10 (black and white or color) on the topic of their choice, respecting the theme.

Guy-Henri Vanden Eynde

The name of the exposition is 'RENCONTRES' and was open till 14 November. I didn't know from before that they use this space for exhibitions also, I attend concert there before. This time the space was designed and adapted for this exhibition. The interest for the expo is also big the public was the one who attracted me to enter inside and see whats happening.

Gennaro Taddéi

the first photography is from Alexandre Parrot


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