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Expo de Frederic Laurent '

Last week I saw wonderful exhibition. On the second floor in the city cultural center or some place for exhibition and different cultural events were exposed works/ paintings from Frederic Laurent.
Born 10 January 1972 in Metz he study graphics and after plastic art in the university Paul Verlaine in Metz. Nowadays he is part of atelier with more artist and they do different art courses for painting, design and art in general, also as organizing expositions an other art events.

Interesting artist/ painter that paint the regular day life living of the people in France. Friends conversations in local bars, drinking wine with deep expression on their faces. Almost you can hear what are they talking about. His works are full with humor and intelligence, portrayal of everyday life, daily work, everything becomes an excuse for stories: the streets, places, especially the people who attend them.

The noise of visitors, journalist, alternative lovers of art standing in a front of Pompidou picture the time before the center was open. There were really people who standing 10 hours in line waiting to enter inside. The concerts like inspiration, bunch of people standing around, dancing, singing, shooting photos. Every part of the painting can be one small story, but he make amazing combination, plays with the perspective, on one of the paintings he even present the secret story of the mind of one girl. Acrobats, jugglers, guitar players, vibe that inform us about the alternative way of living, without borders, limits etc.

He paint the loneliness in the eyes of his characters, you can feel the melancholy of the modern society. Depressed people drinking red wine alone in bar, waiting..

It was interesting for me to see how he make the illustration almost real. Like pictures from the newspapers informing about what's happening around. He is reflecting the society as good as the mirror do. Beautiful way of showing the pieces of our lifes.

more photos you can find [HERE]

Great exhibition!


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