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#streetart workshop @ voiceOfaRt

This Youth Exchange [YE] is something like vol.II of the YE Power of art. On the first one I lead sticker art workshop and on the open space in discussion with the participants there was the interest of learning more about street art. For this one [Voice of Art] we decide to accept the idea and to share more information for this wave in the contemporary art.

The participants firstly have the opportunity to hear something about the sticker art and the different styles of creating them and during the time for workshop they had the chance to try to create pieces of art in which they will mix different materials as sprays, markers, paper, colors, stencils etc..for the one that were interested in vis a vis conversation I explain more about the old school graffiti, colorful, 3D, characters etc. My idea was to try to mix both styles on one board. Big stickers vs. Colors, sprays, stencils..composition. They were pretty interested in the idea also as in the topic and all of them invent creative and unique ideas. One of the participants on the workshop for art installations decide to use stickers in her installation, so basically she was attending 2 workshops in same time and create and learn more about 2 new forms for her. Also there were participants who create more then 10 stickers that after we scan and apply on big board that was also part of the exhibition in 'maison de la familles'.

All of the participants mainly understood the meaning of street art because besides this program that guides them directly trough the process of creating art piece they also learn more about the Youth in Action (YiA) program that actually finance this kind of youth activities in which the young people via informal way learn. On this exchange the participants hear new things about the contemporary art that comes from their countries, their culture, tradition etc.
The final results from my workshop I see as very progressive. All of the pieces on different way are bringing the message for solidarity. The works are nice and unique as their understanding the meaning of solidarity filtered trough this techniques.


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