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food #installation & online #performance

Today, for few hours starting the online performance in which I'm the one of the participants. Is idea of one transdisciplinary artist from Macedonia, with 40+ exhibitions and festivals in USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, France, Spain, Puerto Rico, etc. Featured in TV programs, newspapers and magazines. His name is Zoran Poposki and I'm happy that I'll took part of his idea for installation and online performance.

More from the info bellow & absolutely in the article with the first impressions after the _one hour online communication with the alternative people from Portland who'll visit the food installation. Start thinking about the topics, should I make some plan, should I improvise... :)) [tik-tak] the time is NOW!

One-day food installation and performance by Zoran Poposki @ PNCA

By Way of Introduction

November 12, 2010, 12 PM PDT (9 PM CET)

PNCA | Pacific Northwest College of Art

1241 NW Johnson St | Portland | Oregon | 97209

BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION is a food installation and happening aimed at collective participation and focuses on creating dialogue between individuals from different cultural backgrounds through food, web applications for communication, and music.

With: Damon Ayers, Marija Barisin, Nadia Buyse, Ivana Dragsic, Patrick Driscoll, Biljana Ginova, Mitko Gogov, Aleksandar Grozdanovski, Apostolova Ivanka, Juleen Johnson, Vladimir Martinovski, Julia Naskova, Ana Piponska, Stefan Ransom, Timothy Stigliano, Filip Stojanovski, Goran Taleski, Michael Welsh, Tessie Word.

The show marks the completion of Zoran Poposki’s month-long artist residency at PNCA, as 2010 ArtsLink Fellow.

Zoran Poposki (MFA New Media, TI/DUK Austria) is a transdisciplinary artist based in Skopje, Macedonia. His work has been presented in more than 40 exhibitions and festivals worldwide. In his videos, performances and digital prints, Poposki explores issues of identity, territory and public space.


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