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Monsieur Benjamin Lacombe avec His illustrations

About this exhibition I find out after I saw the invitation. There was on the cover perfect illustration on young witch with magical ambient in the background. In the same moment I wish I can see more from this illustrator as I like the illustration a lot and share a lot of links on twitter connect with illustrated art.

I actually write about Benjamin Lacombe born in Paris in 82, one year older then me. As a student in ENSAD in Paris he already illustrated few books with his works and is well known for the world scene. He published for Walker Books (USA) and is also nominated for prestige award in Time Magazine. With his style of works yet to come even more famous he works constantly for Albin Michel, Barefoot Books (USA), Edelvives (Spain), Hemingway Korea (Korea) and much more and also you can find him very often in the galleries around the world centers as New York, Paris, Roma, Tokyo...

the exhibition named ' Portraits de Sorcieres' took place in Bibliotheque Municipale de Thionville in the open space called l'Espace Invitro and on the expo were exposed more then 30 illustrations from this illustrator, most of the books that are illustrated by him and a lot of posters and cards with his work.

Great artist/ illustrator that is very young and unique in his style of work and message that he brings with his illustrations. Happy that I saw this!

more about Benjamin Lacombe you can find on his personal PAGE or on his BLOG. There is a fan page on facebook also. I saw this animation on his profile I like it and I decide to share it here too.

"Once Upon a Time.."

Teaser of "Once Upon a Time.." Pop Up Book published November 5th 2010 in France by Seuil Jeunesse. Also published the 5th november in Spain by Edelvives and in Italy.


Eight classical tales evoked by a double page with ingenious mechanism, in a magnificent book which associates technical exploit and artistic talent. Find the characters of the most famous tales: Alice, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty , Blue Beard, Peter Pan, The Little Red Riding Hood, Mrs butterfly , Poucette staged by Benjamin Lacombe and in volume by José Pons. At the end of the book, Jean Perrot's point of view, an expert of the tales and the youth image, will come to light the work.

Folow the White Rabbit....


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