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Amazing finding was the concert that we attend this Wednesday []10.1110] d day before my BIRTHday. One friend of mine told me about the program of this event called 'festival Musiques Volantes' few hours before the start and it was great that for such a little time after he told me he found the invitation for me, so I could attend too.

It was concert for electronic, ambient, experimental music on which I had opportunity to listen two artists with different styles of electro and to watch one vj..

The first or the resident were KOMPARCE from Metz and they were perfect combination of experimental video and sophisticated electronica ambient with sound that flow and create positive fluids in the atmosphere. Progressive with some industrial, even moments with melody that's rich with musical mix beats, samples, analog sequences over the lines etc.. amazing project by Christophe Biache (MR BIOS) & Samuel Ricciuti (DOG BLESS YOU)

this is the video that I made from small part of their set_

JAN JELINEK is a German electronic musician who also operates under the names of Farben, Gramm and The Exposures. His music is usually categorized as minimal techno, glitch or microhouse, and is characterized by deep basslines, extensive use of samples from earlier jazz and rock recordings, and clicks & cuts effects. He is the founder of the German record label Faitiche. (f...wikipedia is doing a good job sometimes)

..he had some problems with the live..some of the cables were not working proper and every time he wanted to go up with the frequencies the sound was scratching and stopping. Even that he had this problem during his set he made amazing work too..for me interesting, because of his bit dark mood in the sound, on moments making it out of the definitions – psychedelic.

KOMPARCE myspace

JAN JELINEK @ ~scape-records or faitiche


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