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There was this part of the wall under the big painting that was not in good situation and also with half of the color out. We had one event last week and the president of the Association Jacques Prevert together with the program coordinator ask me about any idea how we can arrange the big room for this event.

I give idea that I can make graffiti under the painting so with that we can cover the destroyed wall and also make a promotion with writing the name of the association. For the other walls I propose to select the best works: paintings, collages, sketches that we do with the kids for on their painting activities.

All at all cleaning the space in the room, give new function and adapt for the event that follow. I succeed to finish the graffiti for maybe 5 hours work in 2 days and in the other time helping the others with making the cartoon frames for the kids works and also trying to make the composition of all this 20-30 paintings from them. We decide that the sheets that I've paint and write before we can use with putting them on the walls too. We made colorful ambient and perfect atmosphere for the event.

I have new idea, for the wall that is still empty, maybe it will be realized soon :))


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