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APV for Voice of Art

This Friday we had opportunity to organize the APV meeting for our next PRoject that should take place in October in Arry. The group leadres from 6 different contry arrive in Metz then with the Together minibus we went to Arry. During the weekend we've discuss about the program and the activities that we want to implement for this project. How better we can improve our youth exchange, what we can change from the basic idea, what we can add more in the program so it will be more interesting for all the participants. ..

We speak about the workshops: street art, painting, making art installations from organic and recycled materials and about one new workshop that is result from this meeting. Video and multimedia workshop in which we will try to mix some art moments that will be recorded during the exchange and mixed with the music that will be composed on the sound workshop.
We also speak about showing the best photography that the participants will create.

This APV meeting helps the leaders to explore the place where the project will be held and to see how we can use all the facilities provided by it.
During one of the days we had opportunity to show them the center for contemporary art Pompidou where we'll have part of our activities and also to show them some of the important places in Metz.
The perfect dinner in the city help Us to become friends and try to give the best from Us so we can make a great project that will be part of the beautifull memories of our participants.

We all hope on effective youth exChange.

more photos from Pompidou in the album @Potru vs. @Pompidou

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