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Street aRt w0rksh0p @ Voice Of Art

The idea of this workshop is to present to the participants basic knowledge about the street art as accepted part of the contemporary art. In the last 20 years we observe how the art that we see on the streets becomes more concrete and the style of painting become better. There are new waves in the street art which nowadays are more attractive from some of the contemporary art that is presented in the world wide galleries.

The street art start as a subculture art. The first painters are some artists who show revolt to the society and to the main politic that the global society create for their citizens. The last days on the streets around the world we can see something that is more then will to tell something that the people will read. The street art is something that evolute as all the other branches in the art field.

Making street art means playing in same time with colors, forms, concept and adrenaline that is one of the main engines for expressing yourself on walls, trains and places not so easy visible for the normal people. Today is more easy to discuss about street art from perspective that is more accepted from the society as art. There are artists who expose their works even in galleries and museums.

The people start using different materials to bring their ideas more real. From old school grafiiti to colorful, from 3D to comics. Great illustrators we can find sharing their art on the streets, drawing their stuff right here – right now, or sticking their already made stickers.

We'll have the opportunity to see the whole pallet of variations of colors, styles, artists names and stories but also and to create our own.

The idea: „Sketch become reality“ will be real.
..trough letters, words, lines, characters, stories we'll try to present our imagination and our message in same time.

Artists like Banksy or BLU change the history of art. Banksy messages are very famous. He made alarm for the capitalistic society, made a bigger awareness for the social excluded groups, and all this with his works. The society in which we live today, change everyday, the taste of the audience become more diversity, different. Street art like part of this diversity society gives new ways of seeing the concept of living, it's accept solidarity in a way of making the society better [beautiful] place for living.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


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