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>> Basquiat o_O

I can write for Basquiat a lot. He is one of the modernist that I'm really impressed by. He made a new deffinition for living. Unique artist with short life but big history behind. You can find more about him here and here. There are thousands of pages where you can read about his biography, paintings and private life but in short Basquiat died from a drug overdose in 1988 aged just 27, having created around 3,000 works in eight years.

Here I will just mention that during my visit of Basel, Swiss I had opportunity to visit The Beyeler Foundation gallery and to check very big retrospective exhibition of the art works made by Basquiat. The exhibition features more than 100 paintings, drawings and objects in Basquiat’s distinctive bold and bright style, exposed in few expo rooms. Many have come from private collections., It was a great feeling to see all this paintings and installations that he made. Combination of messages, colors, creatures and freaky materials.

Some of the pictures that I've made with my mobile, they are not good as the originals but at least I have visible memory except the moments in my mind that I've saw the works from this great artist.


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