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Listen to your eyes

Interesting exhibition that I visit in Metz. Few rooms that you need to visit one by one in the way like the author wants. We start with one room in which there was white canvas and the audience was asked to keep silence during the visiting process.
From that white room with white canvas or something we went in very dark room. In the middle there was a book closed in a glass box. Only this part of the room (the center) was lighted and also there were some speakers in the dark part of the room from where some voice was telling something.

The next room that we visit was room full with television (TV sets). There were about 20 TV's and they were in two lines one on the top of the other. On the top line TV's there was a women that with deaf signs was telling some story. I couldn't understand. On the line under, on every one of the TV's there was the same experimental video going in different time in which the scenes were not actually connected a lot between but in general were showing some explosion or something.

The next room was separated on two. In the two parts there was screening of documentaries. I took the head phones and start watching the first documentary. It was very strange movie. There was chore of deaf people and they were actually trying to sing some religious song. It was strange, morbid, weird to watch this. O.k., not so much to watch it because they were dressed in some church uniform but the sound. I start feel sorry about them in one moment. The other film was with the same topic. The problem of deaf people. There were people standing in a group and expressing their feelings for a different topics. Telling parts of their life.

We open a door that took us up to a stairs. In the end of the stairs there was different piece of art. I think that is some art that belongs to the gallery but is not part of the exhibition. We couldn't find connection between this piece and the other parts of the exhibition. It was something like big light that in the past was used for old TV or I made this comparison only.

Big white room with 3 ventilators in the center. Every one of the ventilators for one of the walls. Sticked video tape makes a circle form. From the air produced by the ventilators they keep circling on one centimeter from the wall. It was first time to see that, I didn't know before that actually this kind of process can exist.

On one of the walls there were lines with numbers I don't remember now what was the connection between the lines. Behind the wall from one hole light was projecting circle on the wall.
That was all from the exhibition. On the end there was the last room with one more documentary. About the silent melody. Piano artist is playing silence something like John Cage "4'33"" (you need to check this with the numbers :D)
Calm movie, bring me peace on the end.

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