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~interactive theater performance

Few months ago I visit interesting theater performance in Metz. It was troupe of actors that before the show collect different topics from the audience.
I've missed that part because I was almost late for the performance.. I catch them few minutes before they start with the rolls. For me it was difficult in the beginning to understand what are they speaking about, I try to hear some words that are familiar to me. My french was bad in that time, not that now is perfect but at least I'm in the learning process for all this months here and I hope that I have a bit of progress.

So, there was one actor who lead the whole performance, he was reading from the papers from the audience and the group had few seconds to invent situation connected with the subject written on the paper. The topics were connected with some celebrities from France, with the history and the politics here. The actors were creating humorist sketches and every next one was even better then the last one. It was not only conversation, dialogs, it was physical theater, pantomime, theater of the absurd, grotesque theater etc..they were mixing all forms of stage performing.

There were people from the audience that sometimes start speaking in the middle of their sketch but the actors in the same moment reinvent the whole situation in a way that they take the information from the person.
It was show in two parts. While they made a break, there was the bar inside the theater so we had a time for a drink also.

They continue in the same way, with a lot of jokes and funny moments. The guider trough the whole performance change more then 30 personalities and the group create about 15 small roll acts in which they use the most sophisticated way to transform in every second in every move. Not a lot of stage design, not a lot from costimography, even the technical team was not so good, they had few sound problems. But I'll never forget the dynamic that they had on the stage, the list of music that they choose and also the was how they combine the stories, mix them and how they make 2 hours and a half show without any problem in a front of every type of audience. I hear that from October they start with new idea, with a new concept, but with the same free style idea so I'll use the first opportunity to go and see them and this time understand bit more. All at all this is show for laughter. And this team have the best skills for making the people happy and with a smile on their faces after watching their show.

Perfect 2 hours and something!

p.s. and on the end, the funny part was that they open the main door from where the audience can go out and basically that was their last roll for the show.

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