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Young and Participative - Youth Democracy Project

Meeting of European volunteers and participants of youth exchanges with representatives of institutions that host volunteers and are open for new challenges

As part of the agenda of the training course Young and Participative - Youth Democracy Project held in Arry, centre for children and young people in the vicinity of Metz, the participants from several countries as a development activity have a plan for future project in which the main structure will be young, and will help enforce their active participation in society.

Presentation of proposals went along with the discussion in which everyone was entitled to supplement his perception of the successful realization of the given proposals.
The event was held at a high school in Thionville, Sophie Germain and was successfully followed by both school students and other young people interested in Youth in Action Programme and other organizations and associations of the city and local media.

Le Rèpublicain Lorraine also sections in their newspaper space for our event and little promotion of the European Voluntary Service and Youth in Action, Programme of the European Commission. It is good that the newspaper that is one of the important in the region Lorain follow the program of the association Together.

The idea of the activity of the training course was young participants divided into groups to make their youth initiatives.

Were presented three proposals:
  • Opening radio that will promote local bands and on the end of the year will record CD with the best songs of all months and a concert where the bands will have the opportunity to perform live
  • School for young businessmen and business development plan (provides short courses, workshops, etc. ..)
  • Entrepreneurship (the project that is most interesting for me)

For some of the proposals it was open a big debate, and for each project separately the president of Together, a representative of the centre Arry also as the director, president of the association Jacques Prevert and others told separate observations for the presentation and how these ideas could see the result soon.

The program in the school Sophie Germain ended with intercultural presentation of food from the countries participating in this training course.

..more about Young and Participative - Youth Democracy Project you can find HERE!

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