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on arrival @ Montpelier

The on arrival training course is one of the four courses that are required under the Program for European Voluntary Service (EVS).
The first of this series of trainings is organized by the organization that sends you to this volunteer service, the second is this one who comes several months after the arrival. The third is somewhere after the middle of your stay, depending on how many months of the program you use and the last mandatory training is one who follows the completion of volunteer service, back in the home country.

My on arrival training took place sometime in the beginning of the fourth month of my stay here in Together, France and the organization that organized this training invite Us in southern part of France, near the city of Montpelier, just a few meters from the most beautiful coast sides here.
In this training I’ve met thirty volunteers from all over Europe. We were from everywhere and volunteers in various forms of civic associations and orgaisations. There were youngsters that volunteer in working with kids without parents, children with special needs, associations for organizing concerts, organisations for youth work as Together and others.

The workshops helped us to learn more French, and some important information about the European Union, which includes presentation of some programs that would be of our interest.
Our trainers presented the Youth In Action program in details and told us our goals and objectives as a volunteers in the European Voluntary Service.

We’ve got folders to archive all the activities that will be realized during our stay and in the end it will be easily for Us to observe most of the tasks that we’ve realized and that can implement and inspired Us to a further action, as well as those things that should be our key competences after our stay.
The presentations of the NGO’s where the volunteers stay helped us to make a network among those with similar interests. I hope these contacts will transfer in future collaborations.
The preparation of four issues of the newsletter helped us to show our creative writing skills. We represent volunteers whose mission is interesting and associations that are pushing for youth action.

We present the countries were we come from and on interactive way we present some of our traditional dances, games and quizzes. It was interesting method of bringing different cultures closer.
The training was attended by interesting young people from Europe who support the program of the European Commission which offers too many opportunities and who already have the mission to be realized.
The trainers were unique, congrats for organization and program.

Off programme:
  • Two days before in Montpelier
  • Visiting gallery and old exposition/ exhibition
  • Night Walk in Montpelier with a movie director
  • Victor, the guy from the kitchen
  • A group of surfers and their private party
  • Naked tourists on the beach
  • sea shells

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