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Together France

Together is a Non-governmental, non-profit voluntary organization. It was established in France in 2003 by few passionate people, who believe in what they do: cross European cooperation and networking among civic organizations and the values and mutual learning such cooperation brings.

These people wished to use their experience gained throughout numerous international programs and work experience in alike organizations in several European countries and wanted to create an open forum facilitating international meetings on different topics, bringing together different targets and thereby supporting networking among people and organizations with similar interests.

Together works on pan-European basis and recognizes the values of networking principles. Therefore it supports creation of new and development of existing partnerships among civic organizations from already 15 European countries including organizations from Commonwealth of Independent States and Middle East.

The target group of Together and it's partners is in general civic society and specifically young people, being the generation that is " to make a difference". We believe deeply that active participation of young people can empower them their friends and the society around them.,

Email: together [at]

mitko.gogov [at]

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