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_it's good to be eco citizen

The training that was held in Le Havre was imposed for all those interested in promoting a positive awareness of ecology and the consequences that are visible from climate change.

Thirty participants from several countries actively participated in working groups where they discussed about the concrete changes that the society we live in should take, and the negative results that follow in the future if we continue this pace of development.
The training was organized by the new organization from Le Havre, "It's good to be Together", and I was the representative of the association Together, along with Ramsi, Marie and Julie.

We had a chance to see a few documentaries in which the main issue was climate change, excessive consumption of products that are not recyclable, possible lack of clean water ..
In one of the workshops we wrote a letter that is called ‘a letter 2070’ letter for our future generations. The aim of the letter was to explain the situation of natural resources today and why in the future we’ll lose them and will not give them the opportunity to enjoy in the natural resources as we do.
We think of water, nature (flora and fauna) species too die every day, organic food (we food ourselves with a hybrid laboratory vegetables and fruits) ... every day more and more air pollution.
Pretty constructive workshop, we got a lot subtle responses to this problem, the ignorance of the system to become more responsible.

We had the opportunity to visit the municipality of Le Havre and talk with some of the staff people there, what measures for prevention of these problems have taken and which are their future projects ..
We visited a large garden with more than a million different kinds of plants, herbs, trees, flowers and so on.
In the town of Val de Saane located near Le Havre we visited a school where young people have the opportunity to work with recycled materials, to create various forms and elements. The results that we saw during the visit were large, anywhere in the studio various shields, masks, lamps, swords, ... the children here have created a magical world in which they don’t see the plastic and the other materials as a garbage or dirt, but as a material that serve them to create their future ideas.

As a group of European young people during our stay there, we taken over a youth initiative. Part of the city beach was cleaned of rubbish that are not recyclable. Various pieces of plastic, glass, forgotten clothes could be found in the black plastic bags.

Some of the conversations about future collaboration with some of the participants can move in reality, so we could get to the initiative that would change the dynamics of young people to find possible solutions.

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