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I had idea to ask d teenage members of AJP if they want to do a painting workshop with me. Since we made one documentary movie we decide this time to make some contemporary medium that is not so difficult and we don't need a lot of time for the result. (because they want to play their PS3, chat with their friends on their portables etc..)

., I propose them if they want to try action painting and abstract art on which they react positive and were pretty open to try. After we buy the materials and prepare them for painting, the day when we decide to make the workshop I rearrange the room to looks like atelier.
I gave them some white big paper-boards to try what they want to paint and show them in short presentation some famous painters and works in this techniques.

As I say we didn't need a lot of time to made our works, but as the animators and the other workers in AJP said they were for first time so into some activity. We were doing our arty stuff around two hours or something more, for everyone of us this time was like one second. They all made unique and different pieces, and were grateful that took part of it.

Me, even that I show them some directions in how to create and realize their ideas I was also participant and happy that being part of it as whole. Thankful to the participants and AJP that support this activity.

The works will be exposed on fair in Metz and on d walls in AJP, actually _sold for charity for African kiDs :))


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