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"Instants de Chine"

In the Espace d'art, Centre culturel Jacques Brel in Thionvile, I had opportunity to visit amazing photography exhibition "Instants de Chine" made from photographer that comes from Marseille.

Amazing photos and moments from his tour in China. Half and hour and more enjoying part of his memories from there and the pleasure to meet him in personal is the reason that I mention his expo in my e-diary.

Serge Assier is perfect person with wonderful humor and a lot of history that he share in the daily communication with the people that he met. I met him in the center when I went to visit the expo, he was sitting in the coffee bar early in the morning and after I introduce myself he explain me in short about his life and the experience that he gained during this years working as a professional photographer.

Like bio on his web site you can find a lot, I crop this part that will illustrate at least litlle part from his story:

Photographie : ©Serge Assier

Born on 1st July 1946 in Cavaillon (Vaucluse), France.
Taught himself photography. Lives and works in Marseilles (France).
Jean Roque Award 2000 : Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Marseilles, Tuesday 28
November 2000, Fine Arts class. Protactor Georges Bergoin.
Entry in the Who’s Who In France, 35th edition 2003-2004 – 50th anniversary of Who’s Who
In France

At age 14, I start my path in life as a shepherd.
At age 16, I become an apprentice in an auto mechanic’s workshop.
At age 21, I drive a taxi at night and take photographs during the day for my own pleasure.
At age 28, I am photographer reporter for the agency Gamma, Le Provençal, VSD and I have
twelve other commitments.
At age 32, photographic reporter at the newspaper Le Provençal, which later became La
Provence. Today, pensioner of the newspaper La Provence in Marseille.

As I have strong passions for the picture, I feel best when there is an urgency, a social event
or some extraordinary fact. During twenty years, I have also worked for the show business,
especially the Cannes Festival.

My ambition is to leave traces by my looking at things only. Until now, I have created 19
photo exhibitions. This means working profoundly on the sensitivity, the emotions and the
austerity of human beings, no matter what their race, religion, hometown or country is.
I also work on the dream and the purely imaginative with photographic poetry, female nudes
in strange places where dreams become reality. I have been very fortunate to cooperate with
poets, writers, academics, journalists, art critics and many others who share my passion for

Friends without whom I would not be here today.

.. 'bout d expo "Moments of China", 54 photographs

exploring China and its villages, Serge Assier has captured the soul of its inhabitants. Living inside their society he patiently observe his surroundings, the places far away from the city, some schoolgirl laughing, kids playing on the streets, some local events, etc. Nothing seems to disturb the balance and serenity that come from these pictures taken soberly in black and white as to support the humility of this people.

The people accept this exhibition as a “photographic poem” - “moment of China”

you can see all the pics from this expo HERE


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