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..that will be part of my day life, some of the activities in which I take part, the part.s of the puzzle that make the paint.INg OF my Life!

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It was actually group exhibition but I've made pics only from this painter. I don't know why I choose her, but probably because of the style that she promote.
There was also photography, some installations and some other modern shit :))

about her:
Carine Mougin is painter that create acrylic paintings in various formats for all ages. .. most of them fulfill with childish vibe and imagination. style that produce happiness and smile on ur face :D

..she is most of the time commercial painter, that is not very expensive, but in general she's unique, funny and the characters that she draw are happy and like part of our imagination. Inspiring smiles and messages that are playing with our thoughts, perfect combination of the colors, ambient that was reflecting positive vibe in the space of the gallery. She is amazing illustrator that is ready to create some world of fantasy. We'll be here to enjoy it!

Check some pics here or if u want u can check my fb album with the paintings that were exposed in Galerie des Galeries in the mall in Metz. ..otherwise u can check her web page.


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