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Expositon/ Vente des Métiers d'art

One more finding in my city. Going in the center to buy tobacco this time was visiting of small art fair I didn't know about.

Local presentation of around 10 artists or studios that create hand made jewelery, fashion details, ceramics, different small art pieces for home etc. There where few stands wеre I saw really nice pieces of art. Some art made from glass using the fusing process of working with glass and some other classical styles of working with ceramics. Very high fashioned designs of heads for girls, some wooden sculptures of mushrooms, clocks and other forms..

short visit, short article. But it worth to be mention since I've tried to create similar peaces of art like the ceramic, the fusing glass works etc.

Officially named as:
Expositon/ Vente des Métiers d'art

Probably one of the last exhibitions for this year open for all people who want to buy art like Christmas or New Year present for the people they love. The stuff were not pretty expensive, most of them even cheap for the standard that the people have here.

[post written before new year]


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