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On this blog till now I haven't mention about long life learning and the moment that I respect a lot the people who decide to continue with their educative process in one different bit non-formal way of learning during their adult age.

In the 'association Jacques Prevert' one of the things that you can find in their program is the English class that's open for all d people who want to learn. Madame Mireille Oudart, the teacher invite me last week to make small presentation for the „students“ from the adult group. I accept the invitation and start thinking what should I speak about.. didn't think a lot and decide to make only a small introducing and with interactive conversation to make them asking me what are they interested about.

In the beginning we speak about art, literature, youth work etc.. they were pretty good in their level of understanding English. After that we spoke about the part of Europe that is not so famous, my country and the Balkan as whole. Interested in the topic they start asking questions that were surprising for me.. some of them already know some version of the history, Yugoslavia, the wars... I try to change their way of seeing the things explaining them that most of the think that they know come from the medias and the media as it is in the moment is not the right, real information about how really is. I told them that our countryside is very beautiful, there are plenty of different, unique traditions, cultures that live all together, in atmosphere that is much warmer then the one that you can find here. We had time to mention about the 100% natural food that we produce and consume, where we mention the moment that the standards are not good and the people are still not educated/ informed to make serious international exports etc.. I explain them that the life on the Balkans is slower and more easy going, what is maybe the main reason that there are not big changes in any aspects..

..they ask about the music, the prizes of the real estate, the opportunity for the youth generation, about the tourism, in a way pretty interesting, unexpected intro for the region that as big picture I think I present in positive way, because I think that looking bright on the things is the only think that is left and absolutely even more action :)

Appreciation for madame Mireille Oudart, professeur d'Anglais et Relaxation that invite me to be part of her class, brought great change in her teaching and get closer her students to one person that besides few languages, speaks English too. :)


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