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Sticker Art Workshop

Sticker art is the last wave of the street art that is recognized in the last few years of this new millennium. Combination of drawing, print and message, not with too much colors, trying with minimal lines and colors (black, white, red) to catch the eye on the passengers in the subways, bus stops, old place where you can stick this paper etc.

There are two ways how you can make stickers:
The first way is on normal A4 paper to draw/ print some sketch with markers and after that with glue to stick it somewhere.
The second way is on sticker paper to draw/ print and also stick it somewhere.
After you start combine this two ways there is big pallet of opportunities how to finish your sticker work.
(this are the ways for beginners, if you get into stickerS art u'll find more & more other possibilities)  

Usually the best stickers are black/white. 

The drawing should bring some message, is active art that makes changes in the society. One of the first who make attention with sticker art all over the world is the famous graffiti painter Banksy who use different topics from the politic, medias, newspapers and on artistic way express his opinion. Ones of the famous stickers logos are Peace sign, smile, flower, mouse etc.

•Necessary materials for stickers art workshop are:

- Markers (black) all different sizes
- printer
- scanner 
- sticker paper (big size so you can arrange the form with scissors)
- sticker paper a4 so you can use the printer
- red  markers (not so much)
- grey markers
- scissors
- ideas :)

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