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Creating art to show to yourself and to the public that you exist, that you have something to tell/ show to the world. In this contemporary days of living being active in the fields of art means to be clear in your idea and message that you want to bring with your piece of art or what is the function of that art piece. There is strong connection between the artist and his art work, the whole process of creating something that after have soul, it can live and be part of any environmental forms.

Voice of art will bring positive energy around young people who are ready to open their imagination and to create. To transfer their voice, feelings and opinions in art form in which they think is the right for them. Art that will tell to the people that there are some youngsters that are trying to show something new to this society where everything is consumed and almost everyone is playing with different medias.

The process of sharing knowledge with more young artists is more easy during the process of creating art works. Like that you see different techniques of expressing personal opinions via art and you learn about techniques that are used by famous artists.

Action painting/ art is actually very respected contemporary wave.. it's very easy from one side to create art piece but from other side very strong and rich because this piece will be after is finish like sea full with the emotions and the feelings that the artist clean from him.

Nowadays the art helps to the people to be more respected and also art is strong weapon for making changes in the society. To know how to attract the human mind and to catch the human eye is very difficult. That's what we’ll try trough this project is to bring the young people close with the art and to give them ability to learn and create means to integrate themselves trough art.

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