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Eclats - Projet participatif de l'artiste Maider López

Like part of the youth exchange Power of Art we were invited to participate in the big performs that the Spanish performer Maider López was planning to do for the inauguration of the Pompidou Museum on the night of the Museums.

She is playing with the transformation of the landscapes and the buildings and try to put the audience in active participation in her works.
Involving people in her works makes her works very interactive and dynamic. The dusk is perfect time for her project when all Museum is lit.

This project, entitled "Eclats" set in motion the Centre Pompidou-Metz by moving the crowd and by the use of a utilitarian object: an umbrella lighted inside. The umbrella structure that mimics the architecture of the museum, each participant was symbolic miniature of Centre Pompidou-Metz and the sum of all the umbrellas create an architecture similar to that of Shigeru Ban.

photo by: Lydia Barone - Daily

Like thousands of atoms orbiting the Centre Pompidou-Metz, and like so many miniature replicas of his poetic and grandiose architecture, participants composed a work that is astonishing: the metaphor of an open, living, defined by its audience.

It was great performance, the people under the umbrellas were one with the Museum, there was created different way of moving, different way of understanding the passengers, smiles and flashes under the lights.
From the sky we were like ants around our house, moving closer to our door. Like message from the wind: go, go..closer to your home, then make a brake, then again go. In the night like new born stars we make Pompidou Museum even more lighter than it is.
Honored that I was part of it!

Thank you Julie Przedmojski for the invitation and for the umbrellas, the crowd actually was double and it was difficult to be part of the performance if you are not part of some groups leaded by the performer.

More about the artist Maider López

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